Big Cheese claims his name comes from being a big guy that likes to smile and being a wonderball of entertainment. His brand is all about having fun, sharing laughs and showing the world there is positivity in video games. He’s been featured by Raredrop, Markiplier, and Nappy Boy Gaming founder, T-Pain. Big Cheese is steadily growing as a streamer and doesn’t plan to stop any time soon! By mixing music with gaming, Cheese has one goal: show everyone a great time and leave his audience with something to remember.

Big Cheese’s Accomplishments:

  • Joined Nappy Boy Gaming
  • 2020 Twitch Ambassador
  • 2020 Golden Joystick Award Nominee
  • Over 50k followers on Twitch
  • Over 15m views on Twitch
  • Silver medalist on Twitch/NBC Olympics
  • Norton Gaming Brand Ambassador
  • Special guest on MTV’s Wild N’ Out